Backend Installation for Compas Fab

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I would like to ask you that I am unable to install Docker as I don’t have Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise edition either. Can anyone let me know about the workaround for this? Can I still use Windows 10 home version?

It’s complicated. You could try something called " Docker Toolbox" which -i believe- will work on Windows Home, but many of the examples will need tweaking. The benefit with normal docker is that all the backends appear as if they were running in the same IP as your computer, so you can connect to ROS via localhost for example. With Docker Toolbox, there’s a VM created that will contain the containers so, an extra layer of indirection. Whenever you connect to one of those, the IP address to which you connect to is no longer localhost/ but it is the IP of the docker VM.

You can give it a try, it should work, but it’s not really that straight forward.


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Hie gonzalocasas,
I tried installing the Docker Toolbox for Windows, as per your instructions. During installation of the Docker Toolbox, i experienced issues with detecting the VM , so i uninstalled and reinstalled the lastest and it worked fine. However,I have a doubt as to which IP address( yellow highlighted one - top left window is command prompt and the bottom left is the docker terminal) is to be typed for the DISPLAY variable?Also inside Docker terminal , do we have to type the export statement after the $ ?
Kindly find the attached image

Getting X11 to work properly on Docker Toolbox will be a really hard task. Instead, I would recommend the NoVNC approach. This method is described in the documentation together with the idea of “complete ROS systems” started via docker-compose.

Basically, the idea is that you start several containers at once, and one of them is the graphical frontend, and includes a web interface so that you can interact with it via your browser, which is orders of magnitude easier to get to work than X11 forwarding to Windows.

See here for more details:

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I will give it a try and get back to you. Also since i am working with Kuka Robots, are their any complete ROS bundles for KUKA driver?

Depends. There’s quite a bit of support for the KUKA IIWA robots: For other KUKA robots, I don’t really know, I haven’t used them, but I see several models listed in the ROS-I repositories.

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