Connection issue between ROS master and ROS bridge

What is the possible issue here? It seems the ROS Master on Docker works pretty fine but the ROS Bridge does not work properly . Kindly find the attached files

@Abhi_091 the error message that you are getting in the top window is correct, it says Port is already allocated, and if the windows you screen captured are correct, indeed, you have the ROS bridge already running on the bottom one, and are trying to start a new ROS bridge via the docker-compose up -d command.

Are these two windows really something you had running at the same time or did you combine two screenshots into one?

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@gonzalocasas Both of the Windows( Command Prompt as well as the Docker) are running at the same time .Is it IP Address issue or anything else? i didnt combine the screenshots, Both the terminals ran at the same time.

Then, does that mean you’re running ROS twice?! One time in WSL and the other in Docker? i.e. did you follow sequentially all the instructions on and installed twice? That will obviously not work, it’s either one of the other.

If you already configured WSL, then I would suggest you use that, because it’s already running as you can see in the second screenshot:

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Hello @gonzalocasas,

Both the screenshots follow the instructions of "ROS on Docker " section. I am not using WSL and not following the setup for it. Infact, as per the instructions,i am using Docker terminal to install minimal functionality( in second part of screenshot ) and then using Windows Command prompt to install the Complete ROS system for Base( for the .yml file) in first part of screenshot.Am i following the proper steps?Because in ROS docker, it tells to follow both minimal ROS and Complete ROS for Docker!. Note- The first image of the thread was a screenshot of two terminals- Docker terminal & Windows Command Prompt running at the same time.

That is the problem then: the base setup and the complete setup are not to be run together. Complete contains everything that base has, so, effectively, you’re trying to run some services twice; in particular, ros_bridge and that is causing the error because both instances are trying to bind to the same port.

Bottom line: only follow steps for the “complete ROS system”.

If you could point out to where in the docs is worded confusingly, please let me know so that we can fix it (or if you feel like contributing, a pull request with doc changes is always very much welcomed).


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