Selecting face of joined mesh

I’m interested in using the mesh_select_face()

The mesh whose face I need to select has joined faces created by setting MeshArtist Join value to True

In this case the option to hold down Ctrl+Shift+Click to sub select the face of the joined mesh is not possible. The selection seems to works only when the mesh is split.

Currently I am using a RhinoCommon method to select the face, from which I get the guid.
But I primarily want to retrieve the face Id of the selected mesh face as the mesh_select_face() command would return

I have also referred the source script of Face_selector

Wondering if its possible to select a face of a mesh with joined faces through compas.
Thanks in advance

no, “keys” of faces can only be retrieved if you use MeshArtist.draw_faces with join_faces=False, which is the default.

if the faces are joined into one mesh, the current identification mechanism will not work because then there is no possibility of assigning a name to the individual faces…

understood, thank you