Shell elements on Opensees

Hi! Does compas_fea on opensees support the analysis of shell elements like this? If not, would adding this feature entail a major extension of the current wrappers/functionaliy around opensees? I’m thinking about it from the perspective of a fellow pull-requester.

hi rafael,

we are currently preparing to release compas_fea2 which will completely replace version 1.
not sure how much effort it is to still add something like this to FEA1.
deferring to @franaudo :slight_smile:

Hi Rafael,

compas_fea(1) does not currently support what you are asking. Adding it now would make little (if no) sense, since compas_fea2 is almost ready and it is designed to ease outside contributions.

That’s good news, @franaudo @brgcode! With what (cool) new features the next release will surprise us? :slight_smile:

It is a complete restructure to have a clear API (for both users and developers). This should promote more contributions and also help to expand the range of softwares supported (currently only abaqus, ansys and limited opensees).

On top of that, there are already a few upgrades, such as for example the possibility to use user-defined material subroutines for advanced material modelling.

But stay tuned, it should be ready in a few weeks… :wink:

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