Code Sharing: Constructing Axonometries with COMPAS - Open to Feedback

Hello compas developers and compas community,

I’m a PhD candidate in architecture at the Université libre de Bruxelles. I want to share with you some code, part of my research, and which at its core makes use of the compas library. I’m an enthusiast of the free software principles and want to share early on (and unpolished). The repository is hosted on and I released a beta right now in order to keep track.

In a nutshell, my research field is in architectural representation. More precisely I looked at how projection was implemented in computer software. Which in the end would modify how projection is manipulated by architects when using computer graphics software.

By projection I mean the technique to represent a 3D object on a 2D surface (paper or screen). As it is common practice in my lab (AlICe), the research progresses by reinvestigating a fundamental aspect of architectural representation. In my case, I went back to descriptive geometry to highlight the friction points between the hand-performed vs. the computed methods of projection.

A long story short, I then made the decision to propose myself a re-actualization of axonometric projection method by coding it in python and that’s how I came across compas.

The code is free since the beginning but I wanted to reach out to you personally as I learned a lot by skimming through the code base of compas. If there’s anybody interested, I would also like to know if there’s a possibility to obtain some feedback on my code. I have the sense that some choices might be odd and that a clearer understanding and implementation will also contribute to reducing the friction for other people to use and contribute to the code.

Thank you for your consideration and the help already provided by developing open-source software!

I wish you all an excellent weekend,


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