Compas_viewers dev

I’m curious about what the plan with compas_viewers is. What type of objects and interactions are currently supported, and what features are planned to be added next in the short run?

@vanmele any leads on this?

the goal of the viewers is to provide the possibility to visualize geometry, data structures, structures, robots, … and especially the associated data without having to work in a CAD environment. so visualisation of, for example, FEA2 results, assembly data structures, robotic processes, slicing, …

interaction with the models will be limited to manipulations of the scene and modification of the visualisation settings. there is no plan to make it a modelling tool…

however, it should be possible to load models and apply smoothing, subdivision, … algorithms and visualise the results without haing to write additional scripts.

currently we are struggling a bit with recent updates to PySide2 which make the viewers unusable. hopefully this will be resolved soon.