Default Mesh Color in Rhino

Maybe a change or custom modification guideline can be put out to improve the default mesh appearance in Rhino/GH imported from COMPAS.

We like blue, but it is just less easy to distinguish the vertices and faces. Changing the colour by either modifying the GH draw component or paint the Rhino mesh is hard for learners.

Personally, I feel the COMPAS.VIEW2 demonstrates a better default mesh appearance.


The default appearance of meshes has already been changed in COMPAS 2.0 alpha release. Not to grey though, I believe it defaults to transparent (iirc). Maybe check it out and let us know what you think!

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Why not to follow the default grasshopper args workflow that reads selected and unselected user given colors. It was often a usual way for custom components.

def DrawViewportWires(self, args):

grasshopper user given values are stored in:


and you can set boolean value to check if component is selected every frame is drawn.

For sure it is just a display…

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I support this idea!! :sunglasses: :+1: