Error installing compas_fab for Rhino 7 on Mac

We have a few students that are getting the following error when trying to install compas_fab for Rhino 7 while on macOS with arm64. They were instructed to install compas_fab via conda-forge, and when running python -m compas_rhino.install, they get an exception “The default installation folder for rhino8 8.0 doesn’t exist.” (See screenshot below)

There have been no issues for the students on Windows or Intel Macs. Most of the students getting the error have never installed Rhino 8. Is the conda-forge arm64 build unable to differentiate between Rhino versions?

Hi Daniel,

Indeed, it default to 8.0 now, but you can choose explicitly if want something else, so, for Rhino 7, run the following: python -m compas_rhino.install -v 7.0

Hope it helps!



Hi Gonzalo

I have a similar issue. Even though I am using Rhino 8.0 I get:
“The default installation folder for rhino8 8.0 doesn’t exist.”
And I tried to install it with and without specifying the version number.

Thanks for your help!

how to interoperate with rhino 8 has been pretty well documented.
Since its possible to use python 3 rather then ironpython, the mechanic of running python are quite different from prior releases.