Functions of RV3 in Rhino 7

Hello everybody,

I am using Rv3 in Rhino 7, but i don’t have some functions in the program like ‘Create a pattern from features/skeleton’ and i don’t have a lot of functions in the menu ‘Change settings’ useful for the graphic part of the modellation.
I installed Rv3 last week and i updated all the plugins, so i shouldn’t have these problems.

Could anybody help me?

Im having the same issue T.T Any chance you might have figured it out by now?

Unfortunately not. I have tried to get in touch with someone from Compas but i have not received a reply yet.


pattern from features and/or skeleton is not available for RV3 since the underlying packages (compas_skeleton and compas_pattern) could not be sufficiently updated for the release of version 3 of RV.

could it be that you are using the documentation of RV2 with RV3?

in any case, we are fully aware of the fact that IGS, FormFinder, and RV are quite unstable at the moment. this is because we are running a bit behind schedule with the transition of these tools from COMPAS 1 (deprecated) to COMPAS 2.

we are working hard to resolve this asap. will keep you posted…

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