Nurbs and intersections

Good morning,
is there any plan to include nurbs (curves and surfaces) in the core library or in any additional plugin?
It will be very useful to have:

  • Nurbs from points with degree
  • Nurbs Surfaces
  • Nurbs/Plane Intersection (providing a point and a parameter on the curve)
  • Nurbs to Plane projection

I know that this can be achieved using Rhino, but I believe that including these functionality in the core will allow to build more robust application, without using third party tools.

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yes @romana is working on compas_nurbs but it is still in the early stages of development. the functionality of this package will probably be made available in the core library through the plugin mechanism developed by @gonzalocasas similar to the mechanism used for boolean operations, for example…

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Very good news! Is there a POC that I can get my hands on to test?

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Hi cecare,
Just fyi: in the beginning the package will provide NURBS curves and surfaces and curve/surface interpolation (nurbs from points). Intersections will be an upcoming feature in the future that will hopefully be pushed by the open source community ;).