Rhino crashing C++

Hi, based on your _fd_cpp files I created a similar dll and accompanying python file for form-finding and I am using a Network datastructure, all in ghPython. It all works fine, however, now that I am using solver in C++ Rhino is often crashing. Any advice on that?

not really. i had the same issue and therefore abandoned this strategy for cpp code. didn’t even realize these files were still available somewhere :slight_smile: where did you find them?

In fd folder under numerical :slight_smile: What would be the alternative to keep using solver in C++?

i guess you are trying to use this cpp version because you don’t want to use RPC?
you could try to use the Rhino SDK to expose the cpp solver to ironpython, but i have no real experience with that…

I would like to speed up the calculation to keep the network interactive since the solver in phyton is not always fast enough for form-finding with additional constraints for a larger network. I will try SDK, thank you

btw, you can also use alglib, which is a linear algebra library with an ironpython binding. it is a bit difficult to use but i have successfully used it for force density based form finders in rhino…

can share some old code if you’re interested…

Sure, that would be great! Thank you very much