ROS2 on Windows 10


Will COMPAS support ROS2 on Windows 10? Since ROS2 can be installed on Windows, I suppose it won’t require Docker or WSL anymore?


Hi Josh

Yes, the plan is to add native support for ROS2 in the near future. Currently, it is already possible to use ROS2 using the bridge. It’s not a setup we advertise but it is definitely possible (I believe someone posted that they tested it and it works).


Thanks, Gonzalo, for the info! Using rosbridge requires users to install both ROS1 and ROS2 to run this package. I would definitely be looking forward to a native ROS2 package.

I actually meant the ROS2 bridge, which -afaiu- does not required ROS1-ROS2 bridge, it simply implements the same protocol directly on top of rclnodejs: GitHub - RobotWebTools/ros2-web-bridge: Bridging your browser to the ROS 2.0.

Got it. Thanks!!!

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