RV2 settings window does not show up

Hey yall,
I am using RhinoVault2 in Rhino 7
I have this bug where the settings window does not show up?.. It was working fine yesterday but for some reason, now it does not :frowning:
I also have another problem where the force arrows show up WAY to big! Can someone help me resolve these issues?

I also have this issue where this pop up window does not go away and is way to small to click anything!

@juney could you follow up please?

Hi @kevin_saslawsky.

Re: the small splash screen
I have seen this issue before with Mac computers running Windows through a virtual machine. Is this your setup? If that is the case, the first thing you should do is try adjusting the scale settings or the resolution of your display in Windows.

Re: large reaction forces
There is a minimum display size for the reaction forces. If they are appearing very large like in your image, it could be that the units of your RV2 session is most likely very small. Try using different unit settings in Rhino and see if it helps.