Cannot import coerce_frame


I am new to using COMPAS fab and have followed some examples found on one of the GitHub workshop files for a pick-and-place application using a UR5 robot. Although I am receiving an error:

  1. Solution exception: cannot import coerce_frame from compas_fab.ghpython.components

Is anyone able to please help me understand why it cannot import coerce_frame and how I can resolve this?

Thank you!

Hi! This looks like you’re using an old workshop example file with a newer version of COMPAS packages. You either need to downgrade the installed version of COMPAS or find a more up-to-date example of the same workshop.

Which workshop is it? I could point you to a more recent version of it then.


Hi - I was following the Swinburne workshop GitHub - gramaziokohler/workshop_swinburne_2021

Thanks for your help!

Hi Charlotte

Judging by the environment.yml file, this workshop was done with compas_fab version 0.19. You could try to downgrade to that specific version on your environment and it will most likely work.

Let me know if you’d need details on how to do the downgrade!