Compas (scipy) + Python Module error

I’m getting started with Compas and all the installation was successful up to this point.
All Compas’ libraries seem to work in GHpython.

  1. In VS Code, I’m getting an error message that it can’t import scipy & cross. But the env seems to be right?

  2. On Rhino, there’s a module error for some of Compas’ modules (but not all of them).
    “Exception Occurred
    Message: No module named compas_plotters
    Traceback (…)”

  3. When the script does work and generates points, there is no visualisation in Rhino. Is that a graphic card issue? I’m on Mac, Sonoma, Rhino 7.

Thanks for your help.

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hi lulu,

  1. which version of COMPAS do you have in your environment? the code seems for COMPAS 1 and i’m guessing you have COMPAS 2 installed.

  2. compas_plotters doesn’t exist anymore in COMPAS 2. in any case, it is/was meant for 2D plots based on matplotlib and is/was therefore not meant to be used inside of Rhino.

  3. without knowing more about the version of COMPAS you have installed it is a bit difficult to ay what exactly is going wrong, but my guess is the same as for point 1…

hope this helps

Thanks for your answer Tom. You are correct, I have COMPAS: 2.1.0 and Python: 3.12.3 (CPython) installed. Should I downgrade to COMPAS 1? I’m trying to follow the Compas II FS2023 course.