Compas in rhino8

interested to know how if I can run compas geometry in rhino8beta?
I tried to run a simple Mesh.from_points script in the rhino8 grasshopper script editor and I get an error while importing MeshArtist. (image below: left rhino8 beta right rhino7)

is this because the artist wrapper is for ironpython?


yes indeed. currently, compas_rhino and compas_ghpython only take the IronPython-based script interpreter into account. we are looking into supporting both use cases.

will keep you posted…

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should be available by the end of the week…

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btw, currently the following combinations work smoothly:

  • R8 ScriptEditor CPython + Scene
  • R8 ScriptEditor IronPython + Scene
  • R8 GH IronPython component + Scene
  • R8 GH CPython component + geometry conversions (using the scene doesn’t work here, yet)
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yes this works for me as well

how are you able to run it in ScriptEditor without adding the package requirements on top? like below, is there a better way to make rhino import compas?

#r: compas


the instructions for working in Rhino 8 are available here Working in Rhino 8 — COMPAS