Compas - Grasshopper - Abaqus

Hello all,

I was wondering if there is a good example that I can start with that sets up my geometry fully in Grasshopper, then use Compas to connect to Abaqus. What I am trying to do is to control the parameters of my structure from Grasshopper, as this would be good for some other parts of an algorithm that I am writing in Grasshopper.
Also, I tried first to go through examples available on the website that connect Rhino to Abaqus (frankly, I am a beginner when it comes to textual programming), but I encounter an error. When I type the line from compas_fea.cad import rhino
I get: 1. Error running script: cannot import name ‘RhinoMesh’ from ‘compas_rhino.geometry’
I am using Rhino 8.

Edit: I also tried running the script for an arbitrary beam model just to see if it couples with Abaqus (without visualization in Rhino) but I get the following message: **** Saving data to structure.results unsuccessful ****


the first version of compas_fea is no longer actively supported and will soon be archived and replaced with a newer version that is based on COMPAS 2.

we are unfortunately a bit stuck in version limbo because of the delayed transition from COMPAS 1 to COMPAS 2 in some of the extension packages (such as compas_fea).

we are working to resolve this asap. will keep you posted…