Compas_fea example file error



I try to run the compas_fea beam frame example on Rhino and I get the attached error message. The script gets stuck in the Abaqus analysis. I have linked Abaqus in my Path folder, I can open it using the cmd prompt, and it runs, but do I need to do something else?




Hi Voulp,

As this is the plot_data part, it is most likely the Abaqus analysis has worked okay, as you are now trying to plot results.

It is most probably an issue with your Anaconda/CPython install and/pr PATH outside of Rhino (which the rhino module and plot_data function try to access), or, a PYTHONPATH issue for compas_fea.

I cannot tell which without more info. Can you pop by the office so we can find out more? Then we can post the solution back here.




Problem was related to your group’s installation of Abaqus which appears to not have MPI installed/support for using Abaqus MPI multiprocessing. It was not a path problem as expected above.

The current temp solution is to turn off multiple cpus with cpus=1 in analyse_and_extract(), or a later better fix is for me to enable the THREADS multiprocessing option. This is Issue #100 on the issue tracker.



Another (I guess rather obvious) option is to simply to install Abaqus MPI. Installer is (atleast for me) located at:


It should be installed automatically with Abaqus according to SIMULIA…



I think it has something to do with your startup install scripts for Abaqus, whenever I install, I get a pop-up saying that MPI is getting installed, so something is happening automatically my end.

Either way, the problem should be resolved now as I have turned on THREADS instead of MPI as the default multi-processing option, there was no speed difference for me. See the closed issue here. Therefore you can revert to turning off cpus = 1 (hopefully).