Installing Masonry compas_assembly and compas_rbe on Grasshopper

Hello, I’m Raphaël Vouilloz from CNPA Lab, EPFL.
I have some troubles installing Masonry tools on Rhino and Grasshopper (I could install COMPAS and COMPAS FAB though).
After installing compas_assembly, I do find a folder there : Anaconda3\envs\research\Lib\site-packages\compas_assembly
But typing import compas_assembly in a GhPython component, it returns 1. Solution exception:No module named compas_assembly
Could anyone help me on this please?

hi raphaël,

after installing compas_assembly and compas_rbe in a conda environment, you still have to let Rhino/GH know about this, which doesn’t happen automatically.

the following should do the trick:

conda activate research
python -m compas_rhino.install -v 7.0

note that this will only install compas_assembly since compas_rbe and all other solvers of COMPAS Masonry are entirely numpy/scipy based and therefore have to be accessed through the RPC infrastructure.

finally, just fyi, a first release of COMPAS Masonry will be available soon. using COMPAS Masonry rather than the individual underlying packages will take care of all of this for you and will therefore be much easier to use…

Hi, thank you for the answer :grinning:
I did enter these lines, and still don’t find any tab. Am I to understand that the release of COMPAS Masonry will make its tools accessible via a tab in Grasshopper as is the case now for COMPAS and COMPAS FAB? What is the delay before this release?
In the meantime, how should I access the compas_assembly tools? Through writing code in a GhPython Script node?

ha sorry, i misunderstood your question.

COMPAS Masonry will provide a Rhino UI (toolbar + menu), but currently there are no plans for autogenerated GH tabs as is the case for, for example, COMPAS Fab.

to work with the compas_assembly tools in GH, at least for now, you will have to write Python code in a script node, indeed.

COMPAS Masonry will be released in the second half of august.

Ok great thanks! So we will wait for this release which we are looking forward to test.