Error in python code in Rhino 6


I have installed compas on my pc and for rhino 6. I did the check for import of compas, compas_ags, compas_3ds and compas_tna, and they all passed with no error. Howver, I tried to run some thing in rhino, i added “from compas_ags.viewers import Viewer”. I get an error saying “Message: No module named compas_plotters.core”

Also when I added a line “from compas_ags.ags import graphstatics”, the error states “Message: cannot import normalizerow from compas.numerical” .

Please let me know if there is a solution for that. I aplogize in advance if my question seem trivial. Thanks and have a good day.


plotters and viewers are meant to be used outside of Rhino. they rely on matplotlib and that is not available in IronPython, which is the implementation of Python Rhino uses to execute Python code.

try running your code in VS Code or some other Python editor. there it should work…

let me know if you need more detailed instructions