Googledocs to Rhino (GHPython Component)

does anyone has already an script to achieve this?

if not:

Step 1- retrieve data from google docs to visual code:
the following pandas would retrieve the data from google docs:

import pandas as pd

url = ‘
path = ‘‘+url.split(’/’)[-2]
df = pd.read_csv(path)

Step 2: retrieve that code from visual code to grasshopper. I am trying this example from compas, which is not to pandas but nympy:

from compas_cloud import Proxy
import time
proxy = Proxy()
dot = proxy.function(‘’)

a = [[1, 0], [0, 1]]
b = [[4, 1], [2, 2]]
print(dot(a, b))

It returns this error:
Error: Runtime error (ImportException): No module named compas_cloud

line 13, in script

is compas cloud a package that needs to be installed separately or what would be the problem?

compas_cloud needs to be installed separately indeed. unless you need some of its specific features, perhaps you can just use compas.rpc instead?

I’ll give it a try, thanks