Mesh Boolean Operation

I’m trying to create some parametric wood joints using pure compas implementation in Iron Python so that it can run in Rhino.

I would like to use something like a Mesh Boolean Difference. Is there existing implementation /library or if there is any suggestions?

Thanks all.

Not sure if there is a boolean implementation in the compas framework (yet), but perhaps you could have a look at either trimesh or pymesh, which are external python-interfaced libraries and support mesh boolean operations (difference, union, intersection). I’ve used the former in the past in Rhino (through a compas Proxy though), and it worked like a charm.

yes, pymesh integration is in the works but not quite there yet. in any case, it would require a proxy as Rafael suggested…

Thank you for the information. Using a pymesh proxy is beyond my current level of capability. I’l try it when I have time to learn how to do that.

Thank you anyways.

Hi @arpastrana,
Did you run pymesh from the pre-build Docker Image?

Hi @lifeisapeachfest. Nope, I have only run a pip-installed trimesh through a compas Proxy(). From what I could read just now in the pymesh documentation here, I guess it shouldn’t be to much of an issue.

Perhaps @brgcode could shed some light on how this integration with compas has worked so far.