Trimesh_remesh plugin not found

Just trying trimesh_remesh, I am getting the following error message:
“Plugin not found for extension point URL: [https:/]]”
Any idea?


from compas.geometry import trimesh_remesh
tri = mesh.subdivide(k=k, scheme=‘tri’)
tri_remeshed = trimesh_remesh(tri, 1.5, number_of_iterations=10, do_project=True)

yes, you need to have compas_cgal installed in the same environment, since it provides the plugin implementation.

i have to admit the error message is not very helpful :slight_smile:

in the environment in which you have compas installed, do

conda install compas_cgal

after that the remesh function should work. note that it is not directly available in Rhino.
in Rhino you have to use it through RPC…

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