Question about the structure of compas_3gs

Hello :slight_smile:
I’ve been trying to use compas_3gs, and studying the examples in !!

Most of the examples import ForceVolMesh from compas_3gs.diagrams, but there’s no ForceVolMesh python file in the compas_3gs/diagrams folder.
I found ForceVolMeshObject in compas_3gs/diagrams/… , I’m getting confused…
Is there any idea?

@juney could you have a look?

Hi there, @js_in_snu . ForceVolMesh is a class object within the module So to import the ‘ForceVolMesh’ class, you should do:

from compas_3gs.diagrams import ForceVolMesh

The examples from the compas_3gs homepage are going through some minor updates at the moment. Also, the most recently released and available version of compas_3gs can be downloaded as an executable, installable plugin, which should provide all the key functionalities as a toolbar in Rhino. The installation procedure is the same as RV2.