RViz Backend UI not showing via noVNC

I have installed the UR5 Demo in docker. The container seems to be running properly, I have been following the examples on the Compas fab website. I wanted to look at the UI through noVNC, for the next example, but it seems the UI is somehow not loading properly, see the image.

I think I have installed everything properly, and so far I have been able to follow all the examples up until 3.3 of the ROS examples.

I’m running Windows 10 Professional on a Surface Book 2 with an i7 processor and Gforce 1050 graphics card.

What can cause this problem? Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @JorivdKolk

This indeed looks like a graphic card issue, I remember seeing the same thing occasionally but it tends to go away after I restart the containers.

Does it persist on your side?


Hi @gonzalocasas,

Thank you for your reply! For me, the problem persists. Restarting the containers does not help,
unfortunately. Is there a way to fix it?
The rViz viewer is not required for the use of compas_fab I have learned in the meantime, so I think I’ll just avoid using it.

Cheers, Jori

Correct, it’s not needed, in fact, it slows down your computer and if you don’t use it, it’s totally superfluous. We have some docker-compose files with more customization than the default ones over here: COMPAS-II-FS2021/docker/ur5-planner at main · compas-teaching/COMPAS-II-FS2021 · GitHub this one is an example of launching the MoveIt for a UR5 robot but not launching any of the GUI tools so the things runs much lighter.