Scikit-geometry / CGAL

FWIW, scikit-geometry looks interesting. It basically is a modern CGAL wrapper ( via pybind11, there is a more complete swig wrapper, but not well maintained / a nuisance to install ). Might be worthy to keep an eye on, so far covers (small) subset, but well engineers and should be pretty easy to extend / elaborate on.

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hi jelle,

i am aware of the project. it indeed aims to wrap entire CGAL but last time i checked not a lot of 3D stuff had been implemented.

the reason why we chose to go a different route is compatibility with Rhino. due to pybind11, the lib in its entirety cannot be used in Rhino/GH.

therefore in compas_cgal ( we chose to wrap only a few specific functions from the PMP part of CGAL and make them compatible with our RPC system such that it would be complementary with the rest of the framework and the geometry kernel therein (which is in part modeled after the CGAL kernels).

anyway, cool project indeed, and in other contexts such as Blender it will be a very useful tool to have!