Compas_rhino -- from_geometry() -- implementation

Missing COMPAS functionality
In the compas_rhino.geometry module, the rhino geometry classes have the @classmethod from_geometry(). However it isn’t implemented yet in any of the compas_rhino.geometry classes. We would like to use this functionality for all the Rhino geometry types.

the @classmethod that raises the ‘not implemented’ error:

Our use case:
In our grasshopper components, we take most types of Rhino Geometry or Grasshopper Geometry and convert them to COMPAS geometry. Using the GUID doesn’t work always (ex. Rhino Curve in my other post). And we don’t want to use the from_selection() functionality because we combine both Rhino and Grasshopper geometry. This is a fundamental need in order that we implement COMPAS in our code.

Is there a timeline on this implementation?
Is this something we can assist with based upon a template?


yes, by all means, please submit a PR and i will gladly review it :slight_smile:
the other “from_geometry” methods can serve as inspiration…

Thanks @brgcode. Could you please send me a link to a code sample that you would take as a reference?