Slice/Cut mesh by plane

Hello everyone,
From last few days I am working with some operations on mesh in compas. I have the case where I need to cut mesh in to two part with given plane. For that I am using Mesh.slice_plane() function. I am able to cut mesh successfully, but when I am trying to remesh one of the derived mesh from slicing, I am not able to remesh that.
The problem I am facing is due to, cross section plane of the derived mesh having more than 4 edges.
What other operation can I do in order to remesh the above sliced mesh?
Is there any other convenient/better way to cut and remesh the given mesh by plane?
I would welcome your suggestions.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


thanks for posting!

which remeshing function are you trying to use?

if the only problem is that the sliced mesh has non-quad faces, you could try applying 1 round of quad subdivision before applying the remesher…

Thank you for your response.
For remeshing, I am using remesh function from compas_cgal. I have also tried trimesh_remesh from compas.
Yes, the only problem was about non-quad sliced mesh. I didn’t knew about the function you have suggested. We have already developed one function for that in meantime.
But as you are saying, subdivide_quad also works well, so not a problem anymore!
Thanks, :slight_smile: