Substructure modelling with compas_fea

My question is, if is it possible to apply substructure analysis with compas_fea and if yes, how can be done? :smiley:

My goal is to translate a hardcoded Abaqus_script workflow into a more flexible one. We are analyzing vibrations in lightweight modular buildings.

I tested modal analysis with compas_fea, works well!

I thought it worth starting a conversation about it at least.


It is currently not possible to specify substructures in compas_fea. The substructure workflow is a bit outside the current compas_fea workflow, since it is essentially based on storing the stiffness matrix of the substructures to be then used in the analysis of another model. The advantage of doing so is for sure computational, but mostly on the modelling side, which is less important when the model is generated through a script.

That said, I can imagine that this could be a nice feature to add, but I will have to think about since as I said is not really aligned with how things are set up in compas_fea (or compas_fea2). Please add an issue on the github repository suggesting to add this feature.


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