Unable to call primitives

I created a primitive using the class compas.geometry.Box

I’m unsure how this geometry can be visualised. As it is not callable by the meshartist (because of its data structure I guess).

sorry if i overlooked some examples or instructions explaining this.

Hi @lifeisapeachfest, I think as you already mentioned Box() is a geometric object with no direct visual representation. However, you could think of a workaround where you create a Mesh() object from the box’s vertices and faces. Afterwards you should be able to call an Artist() as usual to display the box.

In sum, this would look something like:

from compas.datastructures import Mesh
from compas.geometry import Box
from compas_rhino.artists import MeshArtist

box = Box()
mesh = Mesh.from_vertices_and_faces(box.vertices, box.faces)
artist = MeshArtist(mesh)

Hope this helps.

Hi @arpastrana
I have implemented this, it works thanks