Compas error in Visual Studio Code

I am having such an issue:

the code is:

from compas.geometry import Point

from compas_plotters.artist import PointArtist

from compas_plotters import GeometryPlotter

from compas.geometry import Line

pt = Point(0,1,1)

pt2 = Point(1,5,0)

ln = Line(pt, pt2)


pointartist = PointArtist(pt)

plotter = GeometryPlotter(show_axes = True)


compas version
argh 0.26.2
attrs 20.3.0
certifi 2020.12.5
COMPAS 1.1.0
compas-fofin 0.1.0
compas-tna 0.1.5
contextlib2 0.5.5

The same code worked out in anaconda prompt, but is not working on Visual Studio Code.

Does anyone know what is the issue?

The OS is Windows 10

You need to configure the Default Shell in VS Code to be Command Prompt: press Ctrl+Shift+P, then search for Select Default Shell and choose Command Prompt from the list. Then, restart to be sure, and it should work.

This happens because your default shell (PowerShell) does not properly support conda activation.


could be this but usually the error looks different in that case. could you check the numpy version?