Compas installation for Rhino

Hey guys,

I’m just getting started with this but I saw a little error (I think) in the installation command for COMPAS in Rhino. It says to install -p compas_fab but at this point I believe that should just be install -p compas?


hi léon,

the instructions you are referring to are for installing additional COMPAS packages (other than the core packages compas, compas_rhino, compas_ghpython, which are automatically installed). so the installation of compas_fab is just an example of the installation procedure for additional packages.

typically you would do something like this to install the core packages + additional ones

python -m compas_rhino.install
python -m compas_rhino.install -p compas_fab

the first line installs the core packages.
the second line installs compas_fab

but i can see how the instructions could be confusing. will update…

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