Compas_singular SkeletonDecomposition Example

Hello, I am trying to replicate the first example shown here of the Skeleton Decomposition in compas_singular.

My first error looks like so:

File "/Users/selinabitting/git/compas_singular/examples/", line 17, in <module> mesh = boundary_triangulation(outer_boundary, inner_boundaries, polyline_features, point_features, src='numpy') TypeError: boundary_triangulation() got an unexpected keyword argument 'src'

I attempted to address the error by deleting ‘src=‘numpy’’ and the resultant skeleton decomposition looks like the photo in this question. I’m unsure how to resolve the issue, but my goal is to replicate the expected results of the example. MeshPlotter

Thank you!

I believe that the Skeleton algorithm is missing from the compas_singular library, so all-in-all the error is related to the fact that there is no method to generate it, and thus my Skeleton.from_mesh() returns then the same mesh that was given to it, and no skeleton.

I will continue to work with a different skeleton generation method, and maybe in the future try and make it compatible with the compas_singular datastructures and workflow. In case anyone else runs into this issue, I wanted to comment on my presumed culprit for the errors I am seeing.