Compas version and Compas_Singular version

Dear all,
When I use compas_singular components in grasshopper (Both the two python libraries I used are the lastest version.), there are some errors. Such as could not find module.
And I found that some method functions in compas have been addjusted, however the singular may be still use the functions of the old version of compas.
So the error may be caused by a version mismatch between the compas and compas_singular.
If so, what is the correct version of compas that can be used for compas_singular ?
Thanks a lot!!

@robin-oval perhaps you could give an update about the plans with compas_singular?

Dear Zhe,

Thank you for your interest! Indeed, the current version of compas_singular is not up to date. I’m hoping to find some time to take care of it by the end of the year.

You can use the version of compas_singular at commit 0ea8166 (early June 2020) with the version 0.16.0 of COMPAS. Let me know if that works for you.