Compas singular

Hi, When I tried to use third grasshopper example of Compas singular. I have windows firewall massage.

then I tried to fix it from the control panel and allow python.

But that file didn’t work again.

I think the problem is that. it doesn’t know surface_guid in “gh_surface_decompesition”

Hi, I have installed compass and compass- singular. I want to use the codes are in associated page of compass such this and see the similar result on Rhino screen. such as your example.
for trying them I need python or C++ in grasshopper. I checked in python but they not work.
I need maybe the name of plugins to add them in starting point of codes.

may be I can chek them in visual studio

Also this shows I installed singular, but grasshopper examples not work also.

Have you linked compas_singular to rhino/gh? Maybe you can try running python -m compas_rhino.install -p compas_singular in your anaconda prompt from the environment you have compas and compas_singular installed.

Thank you but after doing that, the problem is the same.

Well now it looks like the issue is with compas_rhino because it can’t find the selectors module in compas_rhino.objects. I’m not sure but it can be that compas_singular depends on a different version of compas than what you have installed and linked to rhino. Maybe you want to double check that.

compas_singular requires a bit of updating but the main author/developer is on vacation. you will have to be patient for a few more weeks until these things can be sorted out…

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