Confusion of different robot models

Hi COMPAS community:

I just felt there is a bit of confusion in different robot models on page: compas_fab - Robot models - at least they have different zero configurations:

for example the ur5 model in ROS with the command - ur5_moveit_config defines this pose as zero config:

while the URDF by compas_fab.RobotModel.from_urdf_file uses below zero configs, which is also the UR5’s real zero config.

I kind of excluded the possibility that I didn’t mix with the UR10 file, but I look forward to any insights.

Thanks in advance!

solved: the standing pose in image 1 is actually some robots’ home pose, while home pose zero pose.

I have no idea why the init state of a robot is sometimes zero config, but sometimes home config. But the joint values are correct correspondently