How to run a local robot arm with ROS

Hi, every one.
In compas_fab, there are demos for running various robot arms(ex.ABB, KUKA and UR) with ROS.

I would like to run a local robot arm model with ROS, not the one in the demo. Is there any way to run this?

I can run docker on Window10 pro, and I can display my robot arm model in urdf file as shown in the movie.
Now, I don’t run this arm model with ROS.

And I’ve uploaded a video of it in action, so check it out.

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Cool demo! So, this seems to work very well! Now, what do you want to get done? Do you want to run this in ROS? May I ask which model of robot is that?


Hi, @gonzalocasas

Thank you for your reply and watching the demo.

I want to run ROS to use “Moveit” .
I had a file called “038_robot_playground_ur5.ghx” in your workshop(, and I was running a UR5 robot model in Moveit.
I would like to do something similar with a local robot instead of UR5.

The robot is called “myCobot” and is made by Elephant Robotics.(myCobot – Elephant Robotics)
The official Github account is " ".

The source code for the grasshopper shown in the demo is available on my Github, so please check it out.(

Yusuke Higuchi