Sending trajectories from grasshopper to Moveit

Hi everyone!

I’m facing some issues with my robot workflow. I’m trying to use Rhino/Grasshopper and Compas Fab to communicate with my MoveIt robot model (working in ROS).

I have two computers for this task, one running Rhino Grasshopper, and another connected to ROS and running MoveIt. I’ve been able to work with all the robot playground file components (I’m able to connect to ROS, load my robot, move my robot in GH using Cartesian and free motion, and also receive the updates in GH when I move my robot in MoveIt).

The thing is, now I want to send my GH trajectories (which I can simulate right in the Grasshopper/GH environment) to MoveIt by using either ‘execute trajectory’ or even ‘joint states’ (ultimately, I want to control an Arduino robot connected to my ROS computer).

But I’m stuck with this. I haven’t found a Compas Fab workshop on GitHub to help, so I’m reaching out to you guys for assistance.

A big thank you in advance!