Simulating AGV+Robot with ROS backend

I’m going to work on a mobile robot project. It’s still at its early stage, so no physical robotic arm and AGV are involved. Everything would be in simulation, and any AGV / robot model would be good enough.

Currently, I run ROS in a virtual machine, connect Rhino to ROS with compas_fab, and request a path planning with Grasshopper components. Everything works like a charm so far with robots that have a fixed joint with the World link.

I wonder if the similar workflow could apply to a mobile robot. Say, input a mesh with collision mesh component as a dummy lidar scan, send a target coordinate with publish to topic, and visualize the result with Trajectory visualize. Is this possible with the latest release of compas_fab (0.26.0)?

I’m investigating using Gazebo with Rhino, because most tutorials of simulating AGV in ROS involve this package. Any hint on this topic will be very appreciated.

Yes, I believe that should work. If something doesn’t, please do post here or submit a github issue.