Planning trajectories with a mounted tool

Hi everyone,

I’m having some troubles planning motion after mounting a tool on my robot. When i compute the trajectory, I have this message : “Message type moveit_msgs/GetCartesianPathRequest does not have a field start_state.attached_collision_objects.object.pose”.
I don’t get whats wrong. My tool can be visualized correctly in Rhino.

Thanks for any help

Hey Sabrina,

I only now got this notification, sorry. I don’t know if this error is still relevant for you, but this is related to the version of ROS you are using vs the version of COMPAS FAB you have. There seems to be an incompatibility. If you run on Noetic and latest compas_fab, you shouldn’t have this problem. If there’s a different combination, please let me know which versions you have and I will verify what’s going on.