Feedback about UR10 on two linear axes and MoveIt


I have read the following tutorial: Creating a URDF of the UR10 on two linear axes.

I would like to know if the meshes are available somewhere?
I am working on a potentially similar setup (prismatic joints for in-plane displacement, followed by a 6dof robotic arm) and I would like to experiment with it.
Also, do you have any experience with MoveIt for motion planing with this configuration? Since the robot configuration is a little bit unusual, is MoveIt able to correctly found solution when the user specifies an end-effector configuration?



Yes, this should work fine. Our lab at ETH also has 6-dof arms mounted on prismatic joints (3 prismatic joints in our case):

About the meshes, which ones you mean?



Thanks for your answer.
My concern was about some possible issue when dealing with motion planning with MoveIt, due to the unusual configuration. But afterward I realise that humanoid robots have much more degrees of freedom than what I am planning to do…

I have tested a PRRRRRR URDF and there seems to be no issue with MoveIt.

This is a really nice setup you have at ETHZ :slight_smile:
The tutorials are really nice. I am a ROS user and one suggestion could be to add a specific repository for tutorial code / data for specific ROS things. This would benefit the ROS community to have ready to use examples.
I guess that users of the COMPAS framework have already access to the whole scene and can export tower.stl, axis1_plate.stl, axis2.stl meshes.
My experience with ROS is that often tutorials are a little bit outdated or it is better to study the code, use some working projects as a reference.