Fuction MoveToFrame()


I am attempting to use the function ‘abb.send(rrc.MoveToFrame)’ in Grasshopper to send points to the desired location for robot movement in RobotStudio. For instance, I used the point (1.268, -0.001, 1.573). However, in the RobotStudio simulation, the robot attempts to reach the point (0, 0, 0) instead of the assigned position in Rhino. To investigate the issue, I utilized the function ‘rrc.GetFrame’ and found that the point returned by this function is (840.604, 512.271, 1065.801), which differs from the point displayed in RobotStudio (both Grasshopper and RobotStudio use meters as the unit of measurement, so it should achieve the same point).

I developed a Python function to calculate a conversion, which produced satisfactory results, but the robot still doesn’t precisely achieve the desired point. Are there any other options for moving the robot using points?

For the conversion, I deconstruct the point, I apply the conversion and then I construct the point. Here you have the code for the conversion:

fx=-793 + 1061.76x
fy=500 + 995.69
fz=-745 +1266*z

Hi David

  • RobotStudio is using mm instead of m
  • The point is related to the activated tool and work object usually (tool0 and wobj0 by default) please to a double check for the tool and work object
  • Could you also share some pictures to understand the situation better?
  • In RobotStudio you can see actual position of the Robot too: