Having trouble getting Compas to Work

In Blender, I could only see this error, but I am not sure how it actually happened. Where could the ValueError come from? I was using Python 3.10 and Blender 3.2. Could that have been an issue?

import Compas
ValueError: compile(): unrecognised flags


the old installation procedure seems to indeed not work anymore for recent versions of blender.
have you tried the procedure described here Blender 3.1.2 - ValueError?

It seems that the code provided there only works for certain versions. Maybe I would try it on a different version (like 2.93 or 3.1)

(base) C:\Users\anaconda3\pkgs\compas-1.16.0-py39hcbf5309_0\Lib\site-packages>python -m compas_blender.uninstall -v 3.2
usage: uninstall.py [-h] [-v {2.83,2.93,3.1}] [blenderpath]
uninstall.py: error: argument -v/--version: invalid choice: '3.2' (choose from '2.83', '2.93', '3.1')