No IK solution when collision mesh of tool is above 27 faces


I’m having weird problem. The IK doesn’t return any solution if the collision mesh of the tool is above 27 faces. Everything worked fine before with the same files, with even more faces. Is there a cache somewhere that need to be emptied? (I’m on mac)
COMPAS Version: 1.17.4
COMPAS_FAB Version: 0.27.0

Thanks in advance.

That’s quite unusual. All possible caches are cleared if you restart the docker container.
If you do that, and it still fails, please attach a GH file + docker-compose file here so that I could try to reproduce on my side.


Thanks a lot for your reply.
Sadly I tried this before and it did not help. I also updated the docker image, updated compas, compas_fab, restarted my mac. Nothing changed.

Here are the GH and Docker file. Let me know if you need anything else.