Rhino Vault 2 Install Problem

While installing Rhino Vault 2 in anaconda prompt with this code pasted line by line:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda create -n rv2-custom git python=3.7 cython
conda activate rv2-custom
pip install git+https://github.com/blockresearchgroup/compas-rv2.git#egg=compas-rv2
python -m compas_rv2.install

I get error, like in screenshots in the attachments.

Although I have already successfully installed Microsoft Visual Build Tools, always the same problem appears.

compas version
argh 0.26.2
attrs 20.3.0
certifi 2020.12.5
COMPAS 1.1.0
compas-fofin 0.1.0
compas-tna 0.1.5
contextlib2 0.5.5

Windows 10
Rhinoceros 6

this is related to the installation of planarity and is a known issue with pip installs. please see if this helps https://compas.dev/compas/latest/installation.html#known-issues

It did not help, it has just generated more problems