Compas_cgal C++ 17, 20


This is not an issue, but a small possible addition to the compas_cgal package.

I have previously ran into issues compiling the compas_cgal package with the later versions than C++ 14. Context: I was using clipper2 + cgal that has some methods that were written with a newer functionality of cpp.

I am referring to the file, line 104, since I saw it was commented out:

    # flags = ['-std=c++17', '-std=c++14', '-std=c++11']
    flags = ["-std=c++14", "-std=c++11"]

C++ 17,20 will compile and work fine if you include these 2 lines in the main header e.g. compas.h:

#undef __cpp_lib_uncaught_exceptions
#include <CGAL/assertions.h>

The reason why it wont compile is that MAC and Windows has different uncaught exceptions declarations in their C++ versions…