Compas_fab installation issues on Anaconda prompt


did you install compas_fab in the “compas-dev” environment?


Hie Tom,

First I opened the Anaconda Prompt shell, then i tried to activate the conda in the command line,then i initiated the compas_fab installation. But i am not able to understand whats the issue!Also is it the issue because of the location of my Anaconda is in D drive and C drive is where Rhino is installed?


can you do the following in the Anaconda Prompt and tell me what the result is?

conda activate compas-dev

this should start an interactive Python session (you recognise this by the >>>). in that session import compas and compas_fab

>>> import compas
>>> import compas_fab

note: only type import compas and import compas_fab, the >>> are already there…

Hello brgcode,

It says no module named compas_fab found, see the attached image

okay so that means compas_fab is not installed, at least not in the compas-dev environment.

before debugging anything else, please make sure compas_fab is installed in the environment you want to use it from.

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I tried installing compas_fab using Anaconda it works good, but when installing compas_fab for Rhino I get following issues( as attached in the image). Also in the compas_fab installation documentation, do you recommend using Anaconda command prompt or the Windows command prompt? As both give different results. The attached image below is using Anaconda command prompt

On the other hand, if i use Windows Command Prompt i get the following issues

Hello Brg,

I tried installing the compas_fab without activating the compas-dev environment. Hence , their was an issue as to why compas_fab was not installing. Thank you so much.

happy to hear it worked.
indeed, you have to make sure that the intended environment is active when you install new packages and/or when you install COMPAS packages for Rhino.
also, it is important to use the Anaconda Prompt and not the Command Prompt, and to run it as administrator to avoid having problems with access rights.

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