Preferred workflow for a fork

I’m wondering what’s the “standard” or preferred workflow for developers to work on a fork?

Following the “getting started” section in the doc, we can create a conda env, and install compas to this env.

Now, if we want to do some improvements on the compas code base (e.g. the docs), which of the following ways a developer should use:

  • Simply work in the conda packages in the path C:\Users\yijiangh\Anaconda3\envs\compas-dev\Lib\site-packages\compas, and link it to the fork on Github?
  • Fork compas package on github, clone it to a local dir, and work with this local repo. But how can we link this to a conda env? (I’m sorry that this might not be a compas-specific question…)

On the side, related to workflow, I’d love to see a documentation page that provides some tips on the workflow and style guides, see julia’s doc for an example (workflow tips and style guide).

The following post is related.

Ahh, just found the contribution guidelines here:

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