I have updated COMPAS to the current version and couldn’t find 'voronoi_from_points_numpy '. Is it there in the current version under a different name? But it still appears in the website. https://compas-dev.github.io/main/api/generated/compas.geometry.voronoi_from_points_numpy.html#compas.geometry.voronoi_from_points_numpy


not sure where you have been looking but it should still be there…



I get the following error when trying to import : “ImportError: cannot import name voronoi_from_points_numpy”.


are you by any chance trying to import this in Rhino?


No, I am running this as a python file in PyCharm


can you try it in the terminal to make sure it has nothing to do with pycharm?


Still no (unless I am doing something wrong here)


can you import numpy?

from numpy import array

the function is clearly there, but you get an error related to some fundamental numpy imports…

can you try to create a new environment with python3 and COMPAS? activate the environment, check the version of COMPAS and numpy, and then try importing the function again…

conda create -n test python=3.7 COMPAS=0.5.2
conda activate test
>>> import compas
>>> compas.__version__
>>> import numpy
>>> numpy.__version__
>>> from compas.geometry import voronoi_from_points_numpy
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Got it to work. There were issues with installation of both numpy and COMPAS in pyCharm.